Fiesta for Jesus

Hola ebribadi!!! How are things this beautiful Friday? Are y’all celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Of course, I will be. Typing this out, MARGARITA in hand! Ha Ok, I am kidding, but I may have one or two later this evening. I apologize now, for having been MIA. I really am trying to do my best to stay on top of my blog game. It’s difficult at times juggling career, social life and family. I don’t have kids, but I mother some of my nieces and nephews from time to time. So believe it or not, my hands are full and schedule is always filled.

Recently, I have been trying to really find direction in my life. I have been doing a lot of self-reflection and I have come to the realization that I simply need to disconnect more. I went to a faith based retreat, called Tres Dias over the last weekend, where for 3 days, I disconnected to spend more time with God, our Father. It is honestly such a wonderful experience. Women of all walks of life, different practices and religious affiliations loving each other with the love of the Lord. It is absolutely beautiful and very moving to see God’s good work. There is nothing more powerful, more inspiring and humbling, than to see complete strangers, gather together to pray, praise, and worship, lifting each other up to the Most High.

The very first time I attended this retreat, I went shortly after my divorce. At the time, I was so angry, depressed and broken inside but God used these women hosting the retreat to touch and bless my life in a way I could have never imagined. I walked away from that experience filled with so much hope, love and confidence. I had to leave all of my “baggage” at the cross and trust that God was who He said He was and that He was going to help me overcome the pain and heartache that is divorce. All of the women there in some form or fashion touched my life. They taught me so much and through their testimonies, I was able to really see how wonderful and amazing God’s unmerited grace really is.

Now, every time I go back, I go back to serve the Lord and like all of the women before me that served me, I go and serve the women attending for the first time. Each time, I am more abundantly blessed, than the last. It is really something special. I won’t share anything about anyone’s testimony, because it is not mine to tell. However, my prayer for you is to have an open mind, open heart and open spirit to receive God’s blessings. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a faith based retreat, I hope you do it. Your life will be transformed. I know you’ve all probably heard this before, BUT

“There is power in the name of Jesus!”

Today, tonight, or whenever you read this, I hope you put on your armor of God, go out in to the world with confidence and leave anything burdening your heart with Jesus. Let’s celebrate this Cinco de Mayo living for Jesus. Party with Him and see just how wonderful He really is.

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31

CHEERS friends, XO


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