A National Poetry Month Treat

In honor of National Poetry Month, I want to share with you some of my poems. I tend to write a lot in Spanish, but I will do my best to translate them to English. They sometimes lose their significance or beauty, but I want to share with all my readers a little piece of my heart. They are a series of things I have felt throughout my healing journey.  I hope you enjoy them. Provecho!

DREAMS (translated)

You told me that you dreamt me, and I told you I dreamt you too. In fact all I do is dream of you. We are living our lives so wrapped up in memories of the love we once shared. You miss me and I miss you more. You look for me but you don’t love me. I love you but I don’t look for you. You deny it, I don’t hide it. I dream of you to see you, you dream of me to love me. When you awake, you think of me, but you’re afraid of letting it show. You’re scared.

I am scared too. I am scared of losing you forever, you all the contrary. You are scared of having me forever, because you know, that with just one kiss and feeling my body next to yours, you lose all control.

You dream of me and I dream of you. It is the only way that we can be together forever…

These next set of short poems are ones that I wrote early on, post divorce. This is my heart and how I felt in that moment.

HEART (translated)

My heart is still in love. My heart still feels hopeless. My heart is still wounded. My heart is still hanging in your hands.

MIND (translated) 

You are still on my mind, day and night. I think of you, I miss you, I love you. My mind doesn’t know how to forget you, my heart much less.

SOUL (translated)

You are the love of my life. You have penetrated my heart to the very depth of my soul. Your love still exists inside me.

Here they are in Spanish, in their native form. I think I write best in Spanish, because the language is so beautiful and romantic.


Tu me sueñas, y to te sueño. Vivimos nuestras vidas enredadas en nuestras memorias del amor que un dia compartimos. Tu me extrañas, y yo te extraño mas. Pero tu lo niegas y yo te lo expresso con mi mirar. Te sueño para ver te, tu me sueñas para amar me. Cuando despiertas, me piensas, pero no quieres dejarte llevar por lo que realmente sientes, tienes miedo.

Yo tengo miedo de perder te para siempre, tu todo lo contrario. Tienes miedo de tener me. Porque sabes que al besar me y sentir mi cuerpo junto al tuyo pierdes el control.

Tu me sueñas, y yo te sueño. Es la unica manera que podemos estar juntos para siempre…


Mi corazon sige enamorado. Mi corazon sige desahuciado. Mi corazon sige lastimado. Mi corazon sige colgando en tus manos.


Tu siges en mi mente, dia y noche. Te pienso, te extraño, te amo. Mi mente no sabe olvidarte. Mi corazon menos.


Tu eres el amor de mi vida. Te has penetrado hasta lo mas profundo de mi alma. Siges tan dentro de mi.


Gracias a todos por dejar me compartir un pedaso de mi. Thank you for letting me share a little piece of me. 


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