Boo! hahaha

Y’all! I suck at being a blogger. Ain’t no damn way I am about to become a famous blogger only blogging once a month. This chit is for the birds! Ha SMH.

Here’s the deal though…there is just so much going on in my life and I am not even a mom! Well… I can certainly beg to differ, now that I am a CAT MOM! Ha ha I haven’t even had time to post about my freaking pet! He’s the coolest cat tho, for real y’all!

I am just in this weird place right now. I mean, like there is so much goodness going on in my life but yet, it’s like I have not been focused lately. I’ve let things distract me from goal crushing and this has got to stop!

I am still enjoying my singleness and most definitely enjoying my pet, Simba Amaru “Pac” Verduzco. He is awesome y’all. He wakes me up at 5am, no alarm necessary! He’s super chill but crazy at times too. We have very similar personalities! Ha

I’ve haven’t been sleeping in my hammock lately either. I’ve just not been with it y’all! I know it’s a heart thing though. I’ve been so consumed by the day to day things that I haven’t taken the time to be still. I feel disconnected from God, but not because He isn’t showing up or showing out in my life, I have just been in this funk. I haven’t been intentional in my relationship with Him. I’ve gotta get it together. I’m sorry y’all.

So – aside from Pac coming into my life, I also haven’t dedicated a blog to my impending missions trip – THE WORLD RACE. If you didn’t know already – well now you know! & you can follow and subscribe to that blog here. I am taking a year long mission trip y’all to 11 different countries, in 11 months! EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! I am so super excited and cannot wait to launch. I don’t have an official date yet, but I know it will be sometime in August, 2018.

If you are wondering why on Earth I would want to dedicate my life to missions – well the answer to that is “why not?” Now is the best time in my life to be bold and courageous. I have also felt some conviction from God to pursue this calling on my life in this new season. Unexplained convictions that can only come from God.

I will say though, that life has been good. So now that the cat’s out the bag (& out of Mexico too) be looking forward to more blog posts about my adventures with Pac and preparing for my missions trip! Haha

Oh yes, and one more thing…

I have some super cool news to share with y’all tomorrow! YAY!


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