Honestly, cooking has never really been my strong suit. When I married, I knew how to make a few great meals. At least now, I can say that I gained some legit cooking skills from my short-lived marriage to a Chef. I can make some bomb-ass, fall of the bone, lick your fingers, and “slap yo momma” ribs. Going into my marriage, that was one of the things I took pride in cooking. Even Obed was impressed. I did have some basic cooking knowledge but I would not consider myself a great cook. There were only a few things I knew how to cook well. Even if that meant eating pasta five days a week!

My mother is an excellent cook. She can make ANYTHING with limited ingredients. I try that sometimes and fail miserably. However, I did learn to make her ever most delicious tamales. My hope moving forward, however, is to share with you some of my favorite recipes. Some I learned from Obed, others we will learn together. I hope you will enjoy and embark on this journey with me, Provecho!