When I tell you that I am a HU$TLER, I mean that I am gonna get this bread y’all! (Bread = $$$) I am quite the paper chaser and I don’t knock any way of getting it. I got my first job when I was twelve. Yes, 12 years old. I worked at a tax office right across the street from my house. Of course, it was not a huge responsibility, but I can say that I learned great work ethic at a young age. I mostly filed paperwork and sold candy. They paid me under the table but hey, I earned my keep. I made $5.25 an hour and only worked a few hours a day. I also got free candy! Needless to say, since then I have never stopped hustling and making money.


Many of you may or may not have already heard of Uber or Lyft. They are a modern day taxi service, only way cooler. Well, guess who is an Uber and Lyft driver? You guessed it, yours truly. I am having so much fun doing it and I am making money. Extra money, rather, for whatever I want. One of my neighbors got me on it and I am glad I decided to do it. Even though I have a lucrative career and am not hurting for money, divorce still kinda hurts your pockets. So in order to not have to cut back on my luxurious lifestyle, I decided to make more money, instead of spending it. Uber and Lyft are great ways to supplement income. Sometimes I spend $150 on my mani and pedi, then I hop on the app for a few hours and make that money back.

It also helps that I am an excellent driver because you get paid tips too! Thank God my daddy taught me to drive when I was ten. Yes, 10 years old. If you want to join in on the hustle, click the referral links for Uber and Lyft.

Here, I will share some of my most favorite experiences as a “chauffeur” and you can learn all about how I became Uber Annie. I hope you will ride along and enjoy the ride!

Photo Credit: Little Laugh Box Photography