Uber Everywhere

Shortly after I started to drive for Lyft, my neighbor asked me if I wanted to drive for Uber too. Apparently that is the popular thing among drivers. You drive for one or the other, you drive for both. It means more money making options and I never turn down money. Lyft is wonderful and pays slightly higher rates than Uber does, but Uber seems to be much more popular. In my experience, it seems I get more requests for Uber rides than Lyft, but when I get the Lyft requests, I know I am in for serious cash off of just 1 or 2 rides. For whatever reason, my Lyft rides always seem to take me for long hauls. Regardless, I have really enjoyed doing both.

Since I started driving for both services, many of my friends have called me up to pick them up if they’ve had a little too much to drink or need a quick ride to the airport or concert venue. It’s usually a lot of fun. The downside to working either service however, is that a direct request cannot be made to a person of your choice. They usually have to make the request once I arrive and hope that their request reaches me. Otherwise, they have to cancel until it does or I just take them and they get me later. I have the best friends and God bless them for contributing to my hustle!

So one day, one of my besties called me up and needed a ride. She was in the process of moving out of town, selling her home and was being a party animal, celebrating what seemed like every damn day another “going away party”! I swear she had like 10 of them. Ha However, it was good for business! We had a pretty lengthy commute from North Dallas to Arlington, I made some money, she got home safe and then she nicknamed me “Uber Annie”. I thought it was awesome and hence where I got the idea for incorporating it into my blog. Cute huh?

20161130_162507Now I am one Ubering and Lyfting son of a gun! I initially started driving only on the weekends, easily making $200-$300 from Friday to Sunday. Recently, I have started driving 4-5 days a week and make an extra $400-$500 each week. It’s pretty sweet, because you have the luxury of driving at your own leisure. Thankfully, I ain’t ever broke, but when I don’t feel like making it rain and want to save, I hop on the app and make this moola! Oh and just to brag a little, I am rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on both apps! Hashtag BAM! #uberannie

If you wanna join in on the hustle, it’s not too late. You can apply for Uber or Lyft, using my referral links. Help me, help you. Let’s get this $$$ baby!