Who needs a Lyft?

I suppose any newly divorced woman’s first concern is how she is going to “make it.” Thankfully, my financial stability never caused me any angst. I’ve always been a very optimistic, self-motivated, independent and ambitious woman. I certainly experienced a lot of uneasiness post divorce, but “making it” never came into question. Divorce is challenging, that’s for sure. It is a long, hard road to travel. However, once you get to a place of peace and self-realization, it’s much easier to navigate your way through. After my divorce was finalized, I had no other choice than to become my own focus. I turned over a new leaf and was entering a new season of my life. I was on my own and I had to separate myself from the life I knew. BUT GOD…He is so faithful and He never forsakes us. He brings growth, comfort and understanding;

& when you let Him take the wheel, He will take you places, you never thought you’d go!

Once I had taken some time to process my reality, I decided that I was not going to let my divorce control my life. I made an effort to get out more, even when I didn’t feel like it. Often times, I would do things by myself. I’d catch a movie, I went to the museum, or I’d simply go buy some junk food, read a good book, write or paint. I started doing more and more of the things I loved. Of course surrounding yourself with good family and friends is always nice too, but when you are just starting your journey, sometimes you just need to be alone.

During this time of self-care and self-reflection, one of the things that I picked up and really enjoyed was yoga. I am all for mindfulness and balance, and I most definitely needed to learn to be still. So one day, I get an email from the community I live in and there was a free roof-top yoga class for “Synco de Mayo” @ Sync Yoga. There was free yoga, free massages, free food and free margaritas! Fun, right?

Well – I went. I had such a blast and I made a cool friend too! Her name is Cheryl, she is also Latina and she’d recently broke off an engagement. We clicked instantly and shared in each others pain. We exchanged numbers and we still hang out from time to time. I wholeheartedly believe that when we connect with people, it is often for a reason or a season. In this case, Cheryl and I were going through similar trials and we met right on time. We lifted each other up and encouraged one another. It was awesome, and the fact that we have so much in common is pretty sweet too. As we were getting to know each other, we talked about our careers and she told me that she also drove part-time for Lyft.lyft-poster-campaign-apr2016-1000x400

I thought it was interesting and I asked her to send me more info. Then, when I learned there was a $500 sign-on bonus, I was sold! Plus, I enjoy driving. I find it very relaxing, oddly enough. Once I went through the background check and test run, I was in and ready to make that money honey! I started right away and not only did I get the bonus but Cheryl did too. We were two sistas, helping each other out. Now, I have that extra spa money and I don’t have to worry about switching up my lifestyle. I love being able to connect with others and occupy my mind. On the days when I feel low, I hit the streets and give people a “Lyft”.

Sometimes that means taking them around the corner to the beer store, and others it’s driving them to the airport to catch a flight. It’s always a surprise and you never know the kind of people you will encounter. I have fun driving complete strangers. Sure, it could be dangerous, but that’s why you gotta stay strapped! We make small talk, sometimes laugh and rock out together. We don’t know how each others day has been or what our lives are like, but we cross paths, we connect with one another and we enjoy the ride.

I offer them the a quality chauffeuring service and in return, without even realizing it, they also “Lyft” my spirit.